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  • Property Owner?

    As an owner of vacant property you will be aware of the increased risks and costs of security. Why not investigate the Moorcroft approach to reduce risk and costs.

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    If you want low cost accommodation in a great location, why not become a Property Guardian. Costs start from as little as £250 a month.

  • The Moorcroft Way

    With a wealth of property experience and expertise Moorcroft Vacant Property Management has been established to deliver a tailored solution to address your vacant property challenges. We provide owners with a hands-on, bespoke solution to individual properties.

Welcome to Moorcroft Vacant Property Management

Welcome to Moorcroft Vacant Property Management, a company specialising in providing tailored vacant property solutions in the UK through a various innovative security schemes.

With a wealth of property experience we deliver tailored solutions to address vacant property challenges. We work with Developers, Local Authorities, Housing Associations, Diocese, Financial Organisations, Care Home Operators and Insolvency Practitioners providing a hands on, bespoke solution to individual properties. Click here to read more

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Temporary Security Solutions

Our temporary security solutions ensure that a vacant property is given the right protection. Whether it be monitored alarms and CCTV or bespoke security services we work with the owner to provide the right solution whilst the property is vacant.

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The Moorcroft Way

We provide a hands-on, bespoke solution to individual properties. Our talented team believe no two properties are the same and therefore each scheme is tailored specifically with honest advice as to the best options for securing your vacant property click here to find out more.

Security Benefits

Our experience shows when a property is occupied, the risks identified are significantly reduced! Simply having activity at the property, such as lights on and off during the evening and people entering and leaving the site, will provide a strong visible deterrent click here to find out more.

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Insurance Compliance

Insurance compliance requirements for vacant properties is complicated and stringent. Not adhering to insurer’s requirements can void insurance in the event of a claim. Our team provide bespoke advice on how to achieve compliance whilst ensuring the property is protected.

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Moorcroft News and Views

Case Study - Site Management

Moorcroft Vacant Property Management pride ourselves at taking control of a site on behalf of the owner or Insolvency Practitioner and managing that site from day 1 until it sells or is occupied again.  Sometimes these sites have complex requirements as we found with the following case.

Construction Site Protection

Construction sites and open storage compounds are attractive to thieves and children, especially during the long summer holidays.

Case Study - Traveller Occupation

The work of Moorcroft Vacant Property Management is to protect properties and the capital value of these assets.  Sometimes we get asked to help where it is too late to protect as there has been an incident.  We have been involved with one such case recently.

Recent Properties Managed by Moorcroft

Below are a selection of the recent properties we have worked with. For information about our current available properties please click here and send to or call 07502 506 536